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About Rebecca Norris Designs

I am an artist living in North Yorkshire. I take my inspiration from my love of colour, quirky personality and print design. I am a qualified teacher and have many years of experience working with children, adults and students with special educational needs. I have a passion for creativity and education. I hope that my makes can inspire others to have a go at being creative. 

My Creative Journey


It started when I was younger, spending summer holidays creating and building with my grandad. I have always loved creating. I then went into the world of teaching. Many years later, after a series of health problems, I started to explore craft workshops.


After touching clay and building my first sculpture I was hooked. I knew that this was a life-long journey that I never wanted to end. I also fell in love with glass and painting and decided to take all these crafts forward.


As a creative, I am always learning and evolving and battling with self-doubt. I started a Qualification in Art and Design in 2020, that has allowed me to explore my style and creative interests and become more confident in this area. I take regular art classes to evolve my practice. 

pottery workshop

The Great Pottery Throwdown​

In 2023 I appeared on 'The Great Pottery Throwdown' where I learned lots under time pressure as well as from my new pottery family. It was the best experience I could ever wish for. It has given me a new found confidence in my work and has allowed me to be experimental and try things I never would have before.

Rebecca Norris Great Pottery Throwdown
Series 6 Great Pottery Throwdown
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