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Kiln hire 

I offer my kiln for hire. Please find all the information and prices below. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring the kiln. 

Kiln Hire information

My pride and joy is a Nabertherm Top 60 pottery kiln aka 'Big Bertha'. The chamber size is 410mm diameter x 460mm depth. Each kiln shelf will fit 10 standard mugs (8cm dia. x 9cm high) for glaze firing. Three shelves of mugs will fit in the kiln.



Full kiln: £60

Shelf: £20



I process work as quickly as I can. For full Kiln hire, please allow 1 working week and for shared firing please allow 1-3 weeks for a firing depending upon load. Please get in touch for specific schedules at the time.


Firing at any temperature from Earthenware. Stoneware to porcelain

Can fire lustre firings 


I take lots of care when handling and loading your work into and out of the kiln.  Please be aware that I may refuse firing of work that isn’t safe for the kiln or could damage the kiln. Additionally I will only fire shop purchased clay to make sure no damage is caused by organic material. I will also not raw fire (Going from greenware straight to glaze firing). Although I handle your work with care, things can go wrong in the kiln, I accept no responsibility for damage caused during the firing of the kilns or the handling of the work.


Please enquire below if you would like to hire the kiln. I will send you a booking form and clear information.  

Get in Touch

You can either use the contact form here or email:

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